Understanding your order status

When you place an order with us, your order will normally progress through four stages. Here you can find an explanation for all four of these stages:

  1. Pending Payment – This is the first stage of you order. It lasts only until the payment has cleared.
  2. Processing – After the payment clears, your order moves to this status. It means your order is being reviewed and processed with each of the items in the order being inserted into the proper build queue.
  3. Confirmed – The processing stage is complete. Your order has been reviewed by someone and all special requests have been noted and either approved or noted for unavailability. Your order is waiting its turn to be built or shipped.
  4. Completed – This is the final stage. The order has been built and is packaged for shipment. Shipment tracking numbers are usually sent at this stage.  Get ready to see your order soon! If there is anything that you see as a problem or an unpleasant surprise with your order, please let us know!


There are also other stages an order may be placed in for a variety of reasons. Here you can find an explanation of those order statuses:

  1. Failed – The payment process was not successful.
  2. On Hold – An order is prevented from going to the build stage upon request of a customer.
  3. Refunded – A full refund was issued for the order.
  4. Canceled – The order was canceled. If payment was made, the payment was refunded.

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